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Huntington Beach Surfrider Beach Cleanup sponsored by Matson Graphics

September 26th, 2010

Matson Graphics was happy to sponsor the Sept. 25th Surfrider Beach Cleanup held at 9th St. in Huntington Beach, CA over the weekend. I actually learned how to surf at 9th St. way back in 1981 when I was just 11 years old. (Wow, that means I have been surfing for 29 years now). So, Matson Graphics (aka: Seth Matson) has been involved with the Surfrider for over 15 years in reality. Surfrider use to sponsor all my surfing events that I ran back in the day (The HB Pro/Am). They were always so cool to come down to the events and even throw beach cleanups while we were running heats throughout the day. I never realized that the people that ran the local Huntington Beach Chapter were all volunteers. That was until I began to help them in January – 2010 by running 11 beach cleanups from GW St. to the RJ’s from January till December. I now know how much work this entails and see why the local chapter really needs more local help on beach cleanups. If your interested in donating your time and volunteering for the local Huntington / Seal Beach Surfrider Foundation click here. We could use your help today!

huntington beach surfrider foundation beach cleanup

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Huntington Beach, Beach Cleanup

Thanks again for everyone that came down to the beach cleanup and we will see you all at the next one! I hope you enjoyed the 150 trucker hats we designed specifically for this event!

Save our Beaches, Love our Cetaceans!

Seth Matson
Matson Graphics/Drains to Ocean

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