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Email Signatures and Email Communication Tips

February 25th, 2011

Anyone who has an email account should take advantage of email signatures. They help add a little professionalism to your emails and can greatly affect the tone of what you’re writing and they’re so simple to do! Signatures usually display your name, title, and various contact information (such as phone number, address, website, etc.) which can be vital if your recipients need to contact you.

Remember to keep it as short as possible and use simple and concise formatting when creating your signature. Don’t go overboard with colors, different fonts, and images because that can become very annoying, very quickly. Another tip is do not use an image (solely) as your signature because that can slow down an email dramatically and no one can copy your contact info from an image either. A logo in .jpg format works good. Typically about 100 pixels in size.

You can separate your information by using colons ( :: ) or pipes ( | ) to get a more clean and professional look.  If you’re going to use HTML for your signature, remember to test it on various email programs to make sure it looks the same to everyone else as it does to you.

Here’s my email signature I use. (Note: I use it whether its a new email or I am replying back):


Seth Matson

Matson Graphics  |  18920 Breezy Lane  |  Huntington Beach  |  CA  |  92648
714  596  5019
(office)   |  714 475 1556 ( fax)
seth(@)matsongraphics.com  |  www.matsongraphics.com  |  www.huntingtonbeachhosting.com

I use a signature on every single email I send out so that the person on the other end can contact me as easily as possible. A cool little secret I do is I put my phone number in my “from” email section like this:


I’ve never had a client tell me it was hard to get a hold of me by doing these little communication tips.

If you don’t know how to add a signature to your email and would like to, here’s a little tutorial for MAIL if your on a Mac, or OUTLOOK EXPRESS if you’re a Windows user.

  • Mail (Mac)
  1. mail-app-iconFrom your mail application, click on the Mail button from the menu bar and choose Preferences from the drop-down list. From here, click on the Signatures button at the top of the box.
  2. Now click on the (+) button at the bottom to add a new signature or the (-) to remove a selected one.
  3. Click on “Choose signature when composing email” when you compose a new email to pick from different signatures and that’s it!
  • Outlook Express (PC)outlook-express-icon
  1. From the menu in Outlook Express, click on Tools and choose Options from the drop-down list.
  2. Now click the Signatures tab and click on the New button.
  3. Under Edit Signature, type your text in the box titled Text and then click Okay. Then your done!

Here’s some more tips for all you email users out there to help save yourself and others valuable time in your everyday work place:

  • Email Communication Time Savers:
  1. Be very specific when writing an email. If you want to schedule a meeting, don’t ask, “What day works for you?” Give them some suggestions instead. Don’t suggest too many options. Just be specific enough to get a decision).
  2. Use Numbered Lists: This is a must. This will help you to get the answers needed. If you ramble through asking questions without a numbered list, the recipient is likely to respond to “only one” of them. Nobody wants to do extra work, so use bullet points to save time.
  3. Always read the person’s complete email before replying back via email or picking up the phone. Don’t make the person on the other end explain everything again when you can take that extra minute to read and understand it the first time. (Huge time saver)
  4. If an email angers you, step back for at least ten minutes before you reply so that you do not say something you may regret. Remember, emails are forever and can be forwarded and saved. Pick up the phone and talk to that person one-on-one if it’s that important to avoid a back-and-forth email fight.
  5. Remember to check your email daily. Groups/Chapters depends on mass communications via email and sometimes need quick responses.
  6. Create and use an email “signature” on “all” of your emails so that the person can contact you immediately if they need to. Signatures should include your phone number, fax, email, web and even your address. (super duper time saver)
  7. Always reply back to emails that have been sent to you, even if it’s just an “Thanks, got it” or “Ok”.. The sender is still waiting to hear from you if they do not get a reply.
  8. Only “reply ALL” to an email if you have been requested to do so, or your group needs to see your vote/opinion on something. You don’t want others in your group getting tons of extra emails that will consume their time and burn them out.
  9. Its always best to read your oldest emails first, then move up to the newest so you don’t reply to something that may have already been taken care of etc…

Good luck!  I hope this blog helps you in the future…

Seth Matson
Matson Graphics

Matson Graphics  |  18920 Breezy Lane  |  Huntington Beach  |  CA  |  92648
714  596  5019
(office)   |  714 475 1556 ( fax)
seth(@)matsongraphics.com  |  www.matsongraphics.com  |  www.huntingtonbeachhosting.com

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